Aura Cleanse & 7 Days Energy Healing

Everything and everyone has an auric field. These can often be seen by those who are clairvoyant. Most of us are not aware of the auric field, which is egg shaped on a human being, wider at the top than at the bottom.

In 1939 a Russian electrician, Semyon Kirlian was called to a university hospital to repair an instrument used in electro-therapy. He saw that when the patient received treatment with the machine, there was a small flash of light between the electrodes. When he tried to take photographs of this phenomenon he found it was possible only by inserting a plate directly between the ‘spark’ and his hand. When it was developed, his photograph produced a glowing image of his outstretched fingers. Kirlian built his own machine to generate high frequency electrical fields with an oscillation of two hundred thousand sparks per second between two electrodes. Although inert objects showed no image, every living thing he experimented with showed its own aura. Kirlian said ‘In living things, we see signals of the inner state of the organism reflected in the brightness, dimness and colour of the flares. The inner life activities of the human being are written in these ‘light’ hieroglyphs.’

For the next twenty-five years Kirlian, with his wife tried to perfect their apparatus. Many famous people from electronics experts to physicians and government ministers witnessed the results and were impressed. However, nothing happened until 1966 when suddenly Kirlian’s work came into its own. A laboratory with all the latest equipment was set up along with research projects.

Since then the use of Kirlian photography has become universally known and continued to be developed. The auric fields can now be proved to be there...they can be seen. It is rather like the effect of electrostatic from carpets and cars etc. few of us have seen it, but in certain conditions we feel it. In Kirlian photography when the film is developed, an aura like a halo can be seen around the object or person. Although the results are real, the processes are still not fully understood. These photographs can show several factors such as stress, ill health in living organisms, and the state of your soul. It is analogous to Spiritual Healing which can also be felt but not seen.

Current clients of our non-stop healing service are already grabbing up Aura Cleanse Sessions every month.
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Your personal aura is a constant symbol of your past, your present, and your future.

Your aura determines what will happen in your life, whether you will be happy, healthy, in love, wealthy, etc...

This is why it is essential to take care and control of this very important quality of yourself.


A clean aura, unaffected by negativity and imperfections, can allow all of the wonderful things you are looking for to enter your life.

On the other hand, an Aura that is imperfect, negative or even damaged, can prevent the good things from happening. Many times we will work towards a goal, only to have it halted for no apparent reason. This can be why!


We're now offering intense 7 day aura cleanse and energy healing broadcast service package.


This is a two hit process that will give you the jumpstart that you need to make things happen!


We are offering a 7 day sunrise healing that cleanses your aura while infusing intense beneficial healing energies upon you (over 100 energies).

We work with your energy starting just before sunup to strip all blockages, all the negativity that may be preventing you from achieving what would make you happy. This is a very wonderful, peaceful and intense process that cleanses your aura.


We bring your Aura back to your natural pure color, and we will also let you know what color this is and it's meaning. This starts you new and fresh, We then begin broadcasting 7 days of non stop healing service to you.


We strip your Aura down to perfect, this way the energies will fully envelope you without anything to interfere. This is a very intense process and is really meant for difficult situations. If you have tried other healings and find that your situation is very resistant, this can help!


If you're not having any effect with other healing services you may need to cleanse your aura first.

An Aura Cleanse Session every month opens up things to flow more effortlessly into your life.

An Aura Cleanse Session takes 7 days.
We also do 7 days of continious energy broadcast while we do the Aura Cleanse side by side.


You can rely on our experienced team to do this for you. We're a team of healers doing this for you.
The effectiveness of group work has been proven for years. Now you can benefit from this!


Aura Cleanse Session (including 7 days continious healing broadcast)

Aura Cleanse Session Only (still takes 7 days but without continious healing broadcast)



We currently include free aura cleanse sessions to our monthly healing subscribers.
Those of you interested in the powerful non stop distance healing service by our team of healers can use the contact form here or order directy from here



Recent Testimonial of Prosperity Aura Cleanse/7 Days Healing:

Funny you should write me.....I started to e-mail you two days ago so that
I could say, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first day I received a check that I truly did not expect.

Normally my ebay business does a certain gross per month. In 14 days I have just now surpassed
the monthly gross. Normally I make enough most of the time to pay you and pay for the goods if I am

I am excited about the possibilities for the rest of the month in regard to the business!
Every day I have made an effort to think prosperity a least twice a day.

It seems that every time I do that I make a sale.
Also, I had an offer extended to put my jewelry in a gift shop. I have not called them yet as I need to
take photo's ( I shake a lot so that is a challenge in it's self!) to send them.

Don't know if that will pan out, but I was glad it happened either way.

I have always felt relatively lucky at times, but this has really given me new hope as far as sales, showing
my work and general household finances.

I will definitely keep you informed as to my progress.

I can not express to you how happy this has made me and how much easier it has made my life.

Though I still have many physical and some mental challenges I am more eager to tackle them so to speak.

I can not really explain some of it to you except to say that I have a new out look as far as hope is concerned,
which is a good thing because I have always considered hope to be a dangerous bear!

Let's hope that some of this will thump my brother on the head so I can get him to really consider your services
more seriously.

I still think that you are his best hope. There's that word again!

You are a doll and I Really appreciate everything that you and the staff have done for me.
I can not imagine life with out you now!

Love and Light to all,
Kathy Drake, TX

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