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We are currently refining and expanding the initiation procedures as well as increasing our team of Masters.

The Cosmic Activation is usually performed by a group of 8 Masters who are located in Europe, USA, India & United Kingdom

We are aiming to expand this process to 13 Masters soon.

All new orders for Cosmic Activation will be suspended.

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Sat 5/17/2008 1:19 AM

First of all, for privacy, I do not want my real name revealed.

You can simply list me as :  Celia of Sydney NSW Australia

I am currently employed within the International Services Dept for a leading Australian Bank, and have been for the past 27 years.  Past & present duties include working as a typist, import/export documentation processing and checking, foreign exchange transactions and current duties handling the checking of foreign currency accounts and foreign currency term deposits.

Benefits of activation :

No matter how many healing courses I have taken, and I have taken lots, I always felt something was missing or lacking, or incomplete or blocked which resulted in half realization of healing request or none at all.  However, since taking the first initiation into Bio Energy, I have felt a shifting. 

I am perceiving better in all ways. 

oh by the way, I was not able to strongly feel energy as other energy sensitive people do.

I still don’t feel it strongly, but it has come about differently.

I actually feel more confident in these healing abilities.  I am trusting more of the source of these healing abilities.  I am allowing. 

Whereas this was automatically blocked before.

The courses I have participated or taken in the past including materials researched to bio energy are:

Reiki I, Reiki II, NLP, Tachyon energy, EFT, TAT, Silva Mind Method, DNA Healing, Pranic Healing, Yuen method of healing, Soul Healing and various other body/mind healing methods.

In a nutshell, only while having done the cosmic activation level 1, all the following happened:

1) Healing for my very sick overseas aunt manifesting in positive and manageable outcome.

2) Healing for my sister’s black toe nail resulted in a whiter shade of the infection under the nail.

3) Healing myself during a twisted ankle, resulted in no swelling and perfect walking after 5 mins

4) Alleviating a burn to the thumb and forefinger during cooking.

5) Have been able to assist change the shape of a kidney cyst and assist lung tissues in healing.

6) Have noticed an autistic child suddenly develop an interest in other foods previously never eaten.

7) Have won several small gambling bets at casinos, 2 lotto – small wins also.

8) Have experienced out of body sensations.

The point is, all this has happened only since doing the cosmic activation level 1.

It is a co-incident ?

I think not.

During and after Activation level 2, more of the above have happened.  Small lotto winnings continue weekly.  Lots of synchronicity with seeing repeats of 11.11, 12.12, 10.10 and 21.21 across wall clocks, computer clocks etc., 

A sense of feeling danger before things happen  (I always had that ability before, but it is more prominent now.,)  Here is a simple example.  The other morning I was drawn to clean the bathroom basin with some paper towels, wiping up all water droplets (a weird thing to be doing mid week for me) and my left hand made a studious job of cleaning the basin side on the left of the faucet, when suddenly and without warning, a large amethyst crystal I keep on the bathroom mirror shelf, fell off the shelf and hit my hand, the same cleaning hand.  If I did not have my hand there, you can be sure, the crystal would have shattered against the china basin, not to mention the basin may have suffered a scratch or crack on its surface.  My hand acted as a cushion.  The crystal did not break nor the basin damaged.  I cannot imagine what made the crystal fall off the shelf….

Another example, one morning, leaving the house to go to work, I had an urge to check on my car parked in the side street of the house, lucky I did, because I found the car unlocked, so I put the alarm on and off I went to work.

I call the above 2 fortuitous blessings.

I found that I have been able to “guess” exactly what phrase an actor in a movie is about to say, before they say it, often astounding even myself.

The 2 best experiences so far during and after Activation 2, is “seeing” my activation guides during the last phase of Activation 2.  I have never been able to remote view.  Alice has confirmed I “saw” correctly.

Being able to have an OBE and travel quite a distance outside of the house and over foreign terrain, whereas before these activations, I have only been able to leave my body but stay within the bedroom.

I cannot wait to do Activation level 3.

Warm regards,

Sydney NSW Australia

16.03.08 2am sydney time.

I was feeling both apprehension and excited at the same time prior to the start of the initiation.

During the initiation period or at least the first half hour, I felt woosy as if I was swaying from side to side (now I don't know if that is what the expanding aura feels like or not) but it felt like about 2 inches from either side of me was wavering.

I sensed and saw (with my eyes closed) purple or violet colour coming  in waves from my right side of head (or right ear) towards forehead, followed by light green , then a repeat of violet followed by what I thought was pink (but later on examining a book I have on pranic healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, from the colour wheel, the colour matches their light electric red).

I also saw (with my eyes closed) what would appear to be if someone or something was in front of my forehead doing a dance or movement giving off shadows of dark then light , this continued for a while.  This part I cannot remember if it happened before the colours or after.

I was in my bedroom with the light on, I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and the light was behind me, so it could even be if something was dancing or moving behind me but in front of the light to cause that.  

Something similar to if a shadow or cloud goes over the sun and you have your eyes closed, you can still see a darkening thru your eyelids.

18.03.08 9am sydney time.
this morning prior to waking and getting out of bed, i tried the " i am flowing bio-energy through me etc.,"
i felt like i was vibrating.  It felt good.


The Cosmic Activation was very powerful for me. I felt the energy begin to pulse through me as soon as I awoke that morning. At the designated time, I felt Light Energy pulse through my head. I saw beams of Light in front of and around me. The energy flowed through my hands and arms, feet and legs. The team has continued to work with me to continue to activate the energy and come through as strong as possible. I have had some major life changes in the last several months. My energy is different; more focused, more calmer and I handle life from a new perspective. Thank you Team of Lightworkers!

Suzanne Rose,
Centreville, Virginia

For the last two days I can now almost see a vast energy field around me and extending into the far distance. I "feel" like it is like a thin veil of fog and it is just sitting there in space not moving.

I have been doing a variation of the meditation as I may have already told you and I am fairly certain that this energy field came about due to the improvised, shortened version that Ole taught me for repeating mantras. The field appears to be motionless and light to slightly dark in appearance. Imagine seeing a low layer of fog over the countryside but seen from on a mountain overlooking the countryside below. That is how I visualise it and I have been thinking of Star Wars "Force". Very calming and peaceful and can sometimes tune in to a ripple in the field.

A few days after the Cosmic Activation being done, every time I thought of the energy in my body I felt the energy rise up through my legs and into my body. After feeling the energy, everytime I told it to go to someone I felt the energy drain out and go to a certain person. It would then soon thereafter fill up back the empty void confirming that this sort of connection is really vibrationally flowing non-stop.

I have since then been doing the meditation mantra up to 100 times but I would often miss a number or jump numbers. HS taught me a different much easier way, like She did with the KR attunements in setting up countdown timers. The way She taught me was to set up a "function key" assignment so that every time I stated each meditation it would be expanded out to the full statement. e.g. full statement - The energy and the power I am now receiving is opening all of my chakras and expanding my energy 1 times.....100 times". Well the quickie statement is putting the preceding statement and just count up automatically to 100 times so for example...2 times...3 times...4 times...5 times.....100 times. I do not know if this is a good way of doing the meditations or not but the similar set up for KR attunements worked very well, so well that everyone else adopted that method, including my KR teacher who was using a different method.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Often now I can sit in my chair and think of the energy fizzing through me and it would immediately start tingling all over my body. I guess the more I do the meditations the stronger, more powerful the energy flow. I am also now having much deeper sleeps than I did before.

I'm definately using this new found energy of the infinite intelligence for all my clients.

So far I am already getting feedback that people are having more effective manifestations and much quicker!

I will be signing up for the level 2 cosmic activation in two months time. Level one
was definately worth the money and has allowed me to do so much more energetically
without being drained for long.

Keep up the good work.
John Hicks


Here are my experiences with the cosmic energy activation:

At the very start of the cosmic energy activation, I started to clearly feel strong and rapid tingling on my hands, and I fall into a deep state of mind quickly and then I felt this big energy coming down on to the top of my head and it felt like the energy the is working inside my head and then the strong energy went even lower to the neck, I also felt slight dizziness when the energy is working around my head area, after a while, I began to feel this intense and strong energy pushing my neck , which caused me to gradually bent my neck backward and look above the ceiling until I couldn't bent it any more.


After about half an hour from the start, I started to feel some discomfort due to keeping the neck bent unnaturally for so long, so I tried to bend my neck back to the normal head straight position, but the strong and intense energy seems to be in the way and it felt likes its avoiding me to go back to the normal head straight position, I don't want to force it and I thought that if I force the neck back to the original position, I might affect the activation process, so I kept my neck at the bent position for the remaining time even though the discomfort coming from the back of the neck has increased. The discomfort also caused my thoughts to wander quite a bit during the activation process.


At the end of the two hour period, I sensed the activation might have finished, so I decided to slowly and gradually bring my head back to the normal position. It was a very intense process. I can definitely felt something is working in my body and it is the most intense experiences from all the distance healing and attunements I have had before. The great thing is from the next day, I started to feel a lot of chi energy in my body wherever I go continuously, and the chi energy never stops flowing to my body, I can also increase the flow of energy by intention. I believe this will certainly aid in manifestation, self healing, distance healing, self hypnosis etc. I will keep you posted.


I also look forward to take the cosmic energy activation level 2 and 3rd eye opening in the future as well.


Thank you for the great activation and Keep up the good work!

Henry Leung

Kundalini Reiki Master

Melbourne, Australia

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