Aura Energy Transfer Subscriptions

Everything and everyone has an auric field.

These can often be seen by those who are clairvoyant.

Most of us are not aware of the auric field, which is egg shaped on a human being, wider at the top than at the bottom.

In 1939 a Russian electrician, Semyon Kirlian was called to a university hospital to repair an instrument used in electro-therapy.

He saw that when the patient received treatment with the machine, there was a small flash of light between the electrodes.

When he tried to take photographs of this phenomenon he found it was possible only by inserting a plate directly between the ‘spark’ and his hand.

When it was developed, his photograph produced a glowing image of his outstretched fingers. Kirlian built his own machine to generate high frequency electrical fields with an oscillation of two hundred thousand sparks per second between two electrodes. Although inert objects showed no image, every living thing he experimented with showed its own aura.

Kirlian said ‘In living things, we see signals of the inner state of the organism reflected in the brightness, dimness and colour of the flares. The inner life activities of the human being are written in these ‘light’ hieroglyphs.’

For the next twenty-five years Kirlian, with his wife tried to perfect their apparatus. Many famous people from electronics experts to physicians and government ministers witnessed the results and were impressed. However, nothing happened until 1966 when suddenly Kirlian’s work came into its own. A laboratory with all the latest equipment was set up along with research projects.

Since then the use of Kirlian photography has become universally known and continued to be developed. The auric fields can now be proved to be there...they can be seen. It is rather like the effect of electrostatic from carpets and cars etc. few of us have seen it, but in certain conditions we feel it.

In Kirlian photography when the film is developed, an aura like a halo can be seen around the object or person. Although the results are real, the processes are still not fully understood. These photographs can show several factors such as stress, ill health in living organisms, and the state of your soul. It is analogous to Spiritual Healing which can also be felt but not seen.

Charging energy is a way to have your aura programmed with positive messages that will attract positive occurrences.

This is a safe and effective way to open your consciousness to possibilities that may be blocked by negative messages, and beliefs imprinted onto your psyche in childhood and in the experiences acquired in life.


The aura records information and as it is a magnet, it attracts what it is recorded with, to you.

You can break a negative cycle of receiving negativity that has come to you, by programming your psyche with positive patterns.


These positive patterns become permanent according to your desire, and can be strengthened in power by using the affirmations provided which will increase the power in moments where increased power is needed or desired. To increase power in any moment for the package, you can say the affirmation, write the affirmation, and etc.


The programmers of these transfers (our group of 13 healers) have also included a bonus for humanitarians, as we are in a time where the planet can benefit from more kindness. For every act of kindness you do, your package's strength will grow with swifter strength.


Each package begins to work immediately (in 2 hours).

Not only do these packages benefit you by continuing in strength like any habit pattern, but they help you to create a habit of saying positive affirmations which is a powerful act for reprogramming your mind, which will change your life, for the better.

Note: The affirmation is not supercharged, attuned and activated to you until the package has been ordered and paid for, and until that time will act like any other affirmation without the additional energy attached to it, according to the system that is being utilized for this.

Current clients of our non-stop healing service are already grabbing up batches of these Energy Transfers.

Each Auric Energy Transfer costs only $97.79 per month 
Act now and grab them at this low price.

You can take as many as you wish at the same time.




 This package works to open the heart comfortably.

 It attracts love according to your level of willingness.

 It attracts those who are in harmony with you for companionship of any nature you are open to.

 This means that those who aren't truly open to relationships, will see relationships appear when they are ready.
 In any case, you  will benefit from the opening of the heart and the heart healing in this package.
 This package also decreases feelings of loneliness.

 Affirmation: I am love.




 The ability to enjoy abundance has much to do with your consciousness and openness to feeling you are worthy of receiving.

 With this package you will attract opportunities for abundance. This package doesn't promote greed.
 Greed can be the very thing that keeps someone from growing in resource.

 Recommended for anyone who would like to balance their consciousness in concerns to prosperity.

 Affirmation: I am prosperous.



 Your aura acts as a part of your protection as does your heart, and the ability to remain in the moment.
 This phenomenal program, will allow you to gain security by knowing you have a strong field of protection around you.

 To increase the field you can use the affirmation once your aura has been charged with the energy.

 Affirmation: I am safe

  Natural Creativity


 Everyone is creative! With creativity, you are more vital and resourceful. You find solutions you couldn't see previously.
 You are happier. A great investment for anyone.

 Affirmation: I am naturally creative.



 In grounding we are strengthened by connecting with the Earth element.

 With this package your ability to stay grounded is increased.

 Highly recommended for those types who find it hard to stay focused and become weakened quickly.

 Affirmation: I am grounded and centered.



 This package is great for entertainers, and anyone who wants to make a positive impression..
 This will connect you to your confidence, and bring out your ability to shine.

 Great for those with stage fright, as it therapeutically balances that problem over time.

 Affirmation: My light shines.

 True Beauty


 Your inner beauty shines from within. With this package you will increase your ability to break through any blocks that
 have diminished the shining of your beauty. Through the ability to see your beauty, you will continue to grow in beauty.

 Affirmation: I am beautiful.

 Your Flair


 We all have a special beauty style, which is connected to our identity.

 With flair, you will get closer in touch with that style, and begin to express what shines inside of you.
 Develop your signature with the beauty within, which becomes...flair as one of its expressions.

 Affirmation: My flair shines through.

 The Magical Child


 It is said our inner child is responsible for our ability to process enchantment.

 With this package your inner child will be a part of you that feels safe, and no longer foreign.
 Great for those who feel they missed the beauty of their childhood, and wish to heal that area of their life so
 they can experience  an enchanted perspective.

 Affirmation: My innerchild is safe and playful.

 Loving Myself


 Loving yourself is the key to being able to love another.

 It is also crucial to a healthy, balanced life experience, which depends upon your ability to open and be willing to bloom.

 Highly recommended package when working on your self esteem.

 Affirmation: I love myself.

 Healthy Chakras


 This package encourages healthy chakras continuously. It is a great aid to any program you are working with and
 increases efforts to heal and repair damage already existing to your chakras.

 Affirmation: I have healthy chakras



Instead of paying $391.16 for 4 Auric Energy Transfer Subscriptions you can now pay only $297.79

Instead of paying $782.32 for 8 Auric Energy Transfer Subscriptions you can now pay only $679.97

Instead of paying $1075.69 for all 11 Auric Energy Transfer Subscriptions you can now pay only $879.97

Testimonial of Abundance Aura Energy Transfer/Charging:

Funny you should write me.....I started to e-mail you two days ago so that
I could say, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first day I received a check that I truly did not expect.

Normally my ebay business does a certain gross per month. In 14 days I have just now surpassed
the monthly gross. Normally I make enough most of the time to pay you and pay for the goods if I am

I am excited about the possibilities for the rest of the month in regard to the business!
Every day I have made an effort to think prosperity a least twice a day.

It seems that every time I do that I make a sale.
Also, I had an offer extended to put my jewelry in a gift shop. I have not called them yet as I need to
take photo's ( I shake a lot so that is a challenge in it's self!) to send them.

Don't know if that will pan out, but I was glad it happened either way.

I have always felt relatively lucky at times, but this has really given me new hope as far as sales, showing
my work and general household finances.

I will definitely keep you informed as to my progress.

I can not express to you how happy this has made me and how much easier it has made my life.

Though I still have many physical and some mental challenges I am more eager to tackle them so to speak.

I can not really explain some of it to you except to say that I have a new out look as far as hope is concerned,
which is a good thing because I have always considered hope to be a dangerous bear!

Let's hope that some of this will thump my brother on the head so I can get him to really consider your services
more seriously.

I still think that you are his best hope. There's that word again!

You are a doll and I Really appreciate everything that you and the staff have done for me.
I can not imagine life with out you now!

Love and Light to all,
Kathy Drake, TX