Distance Healing or Remote Healing is a method of breaking the barriers of distance to shower special healing energies towards a target (human or pet).
Scientists are now realizing that healing energy travels faster than the speed of light, unaffected by time, space or distance. Scientists are now proving what the ancients always knew to be true.
Distance / Distant Remote Healing works.

Are you suffering from?
    Emotional Problems
    Fatigue, low energy, even
    chronic fatigue
    Back pain
    Heart troubles
    Meniere's Disease, ringing in the ears
    Neck and shoulder pain
    Chronic pain
    Urinary tract infections
    Poor concentration
    Hay fever
    Immune system disorders
    Sinus problems
    Kidney problems
    Sports injuries
    Psychic Attacks
    Spirit/ Entities Attacks
    Other long-term sources of pain or illness?
Whether you are in crisis, stressed, or simply would like to give yourself or a friend a treat, help, of the highest order, is conveniently available.

Group Healing Work has always been proven to be very effective.

We are a group of healers that are pioneers in broadcasting over 100 healing energies to targets continuously around the clock (the energies never stop flowing to you). It truly is a Transformational Experience and you will never experience anything like this elsewhere in this lifetime.

We broadcast OVER 100 Universal Healing Energies directly to you around the clock with the help of angels, enlightened beings & ascended masters.

There is nothing like this offered anywhere on this Earth!
  • Do you have a bad habit you want to STOP?
  • Are you in chronic pain?
  • Do you need help for any other affecting illness or disease?
  • Do you need a sense of direction in your mind?
  • Do you desire peace of mind?
  • Do you want to release emotions that have been bothering you for years?
  • Does your pet need help?
  • Does any of your friends or loved ones need help?
  • Are you a distance or hands on healer who wants to evolve and enhance your healing power?
  • Want to increase your prosperity & business?
Our sessions are so unique that they even evolve the healing abilities of any healer wishing to enhance their energetic body. Our healing has also been supporting many businesses who rely on our broadcasts to help things flow better.
We are Transition Specialists and have been trained to do only high quality work. All is done within the scope of love, for the highest good, with nothing done outside of consent. In the non-physical realms, we challenge you to change, and begin eliminating your road blocks. If you are afraid of change, please seek other means.
Some Physical results of past sessions: limited injury to tissues, aided wound healing, and reduced infections.
Some Emotional results of past sessions: increased levels of focus, peace, and confidence.
Remote Transformational Distance Healing Sessions are also beneficial a few days before any major event in your life, whether that event is an international trip, a business decision, a surgery, or when you just want a change and do not know how to begin. The continuous healing can also run side by side with your life while you are showered daily with over 100 intense healing energies.
We work with you in another dimension of space-time. You may experience a presence at the time of the first 24 hours or other have various feelings. You may experience any number of physical anomalies such as nausea, tingling, heat, light, smells, sounds, fatigue, or feelings of pressure as if someone is touching you. Each client is different.

Sessions are intensive, with the least lasting a complete 48 hours of broadcast.

Your energy body will be broadcasted with over 100 different energies so for the first 24 hours it may feel weird until your energy body adjusts to the massive inflow of healing energies.

In general, men are more alert during the sessions than women. Most men experience vivid dreams and better attitudes, while the women experience waves of energy that send them into pleasant altered states of consciousness.
Every client is a unique being. Each session is done intuitively and with individuality. Client information is kept as confidential as possible without being in violation of the law.

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